European type joint-stock company RONELI SE offers services in the area of general contracting, project and conscruction management, investment activities in construction and in development. Furthermore, we specialize in delivering "turnkey" brewery solutions. The company's focus corresponds with its subdivision into three divisions:

  • Civil Engineering Division

  • Brewery Division

  • Real Estate Division

Our company participates in projects in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. Our know-how is based on providing complex services starting from preparation of individual stages of the project documentation up to the actual project completion and hand over to client. A given is the warranty and post-warranty service. With select projects we also provide a suitable financing model for the investment plan.

Our company's greatest assets are professionalism, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness. These fundamental attributes are offered by RONELI SE in the realization of all your projects, no matter where they are.


  • 16 / 08 / 2018

    Rekonstrukce Základní školy Nuselská v Havlíčkově Brodě

    Naše společnost v tomto týdnu podepsala smlouvu o dílo na rekonstrukci Základní školy Nuselská v Havlíčkově Brodě. Jedná se o nadstavbu 5. patra školy a rekonstrukci několika stávajících učeben. V 5. patře nově vznikne mimo jiné učebna přírodních věd, multifunkční učebna s využitím 2D projekce a venkovní prostory sloužící k výuce, jejichž součástí bude i skleník a prostor k pozorování hvězd. Zahájení prací je naplánováno na druhou polovinu srpna tohoto roku s dokončením za 9 měsíců. Celková hodnota zakázky se blíží k 39mio Kč. Objednatelem stavby je Město Havlíčkův Brod.
  • 05 / 02 / 2018

    Opening of new Co-working centrum Impact Hub in Brno

    Our company finished extensive reconstruction if administrative complex Impact Hub in Brno. New offices and conference rooms of total floor space over 1700m2 were built. By this reconstruction Impact Hun Brno becomes biggest facility if Impact Hub network in Europe and the second biggest in the world. Total cost of this project exceed 28 millions CZK.
  • 31 / 01 / 2018

    DRIESSEN Czech s.r.o. – reconstruction of canteen and roof

    Our company succeed and won another interesting project. This time it is complex reconstruction of existing canteen including gastro equipment within the administrative part of DRIESSEN Czech s.r.o. production complex. As an independent scope of this contract we will also deliver complex reconstruction of roof on one of production warehouses. We are very happy that it is our second contract with DRIESSEN Czech s.r.o. Total investment costs exceed 18 million CZK.

  • 23 / 01 / 2018

    Ceremonial opening of new pavilion building within medical complex - “Hamzova odborná léčebna” in Luže-Košumberk.

    On Tuesday 23.1.2017 ceremonial opening of new pavilion building took place in “Hamzova odborná léčebna”. This pavilion building will serve for children and their parents during their treatment in this medical facility. Reconstruction of this pavilion building was executed by RONELI SE from spring until autumn last year so we were proud to be part of this ceremony and present the result of our work. We wish that all children, their parents and also employees of this facility will enjoy this new set up.